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Interested in learning more? Email Josh Racette, at, so we can discuss with you how our additional services can support the nees of your organizations or your members. Our strategic partners are carefully chosen to help support both the youth sports organizations and their families. After all, providing additional benefits that can help support local business owners ultimately supports the families of youth sports organizations.

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Payment processing solutions for Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover that are transparent, secure and cost effective. Whether you need touchless payments or point-of-sale options, they provide a full array of solutions to help meet your businesses and organization’s needs. And with world-class customer service, the company can assist in electronic invoicing, mobile, e-commerce, and more.


Comprehensive Text Payment & Communication platform for organizations that allows participants, supporters & donors to capture payments in seconds, registration for events, send communications & announcements, review payment history and so much more. If you can text a friend you can text to pay.

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Online Finances

Bill & Pay is a complete invoicing and payment solution that will streamline your accounts receivable process. Accept e-Checks/ACH and Credit Cards for one-time payments or recurring variable payments. Email customers their invoice with a link to pay. Your customers can make payments and view history in a "branded as your business" payment portal. Set up payment reminders, past due notices and payment plans. Solutions also include an automated sync of customers, invoices, and payments with QuickBooks and XERO users and provides integration as well as export/import functionality with just about any accounting system.


Promote or Sponsor multiple organizations, causes or events on one platform! i3Donate provides a platform for attendees and supporters to easily select the organization, cause or event of their choice to register, donate or gather information. Users can click on the event or organization they wish to engage and will be automatically directed to their customized event or donation page. Using one platform allows users to engage, register and donate to many different organizations at once.

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Soccer Match

Local Level Events provides the exact tools you need to sell tickets, track attendance, collect registration data and organize event reporting for small and medium-sized organizations. Features include: Custom branding, seating maps, promo email campaigning, robust back office reporting and best-in-class support.

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A real estate payment solution that can be used for residential, flex office, and commercial real estate operators. Really, anyone who owns web and mobile app tenant experience solutions. Simple integrations, digital wallet architecture, your native UI, our team of real estate payment experts, bank level security, full compliance, and live end-to-end customer service all turnkey right out of the box.

Modern Housing Complex

We aim to support youth sports by also providing solutions to support the business owners in your organizations.

If you are interested in being a partner email Josh Racette at

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