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Member Benefits for Youth Sports

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<div class="elfsight-app-a405becd-a6e4-452c-8a8f-d8c415017886"></div>How are you adding value to your organizational members while also decreasing expenses, increasing revenue, and streamlining your operations?


We are not talking about traditional health benefits here. This article discusses how youth sports organizations can take advantage of pre-built platforms to help provide discounts, rewards, and strategic partner benefits to their members.

Youth sports organizations often have 1-4 people that do most of the work. Most youth sports organizations might not have the expertise needed in every facet of running a business such as accounting, payroll, branding, marketing, philanthropy, sponsorships, administration, etc. This list literally goes on and on.

So what happens at this point?

To be fair, most organizations just choose to do what they know and only what they know. That is fine because they are staying in their box and focusing on the items they know they can deliver on. However, they would like to do more for their members. But, what is the best way to go about it since funding and/or manpower might be an obstacle.

What is the USA Elite Sports Network?

The USA Elite Sports Network is a nationwide youth sports consortium designed to offer families and sports leaders access to a variety of tools that will support their goals as an organization and ultimately help promote youth sports participation.

With 25+ strategic partners, the USA Elite Sports Network is able to provide a new, fresh take on decreasing expenses, increasing revenues, and streamlining operations. Their focus is solely on empowering the youth sports organization. These partners recognize the value of youth sports and want to provide members with an increased value.  In some cases, it might be a percentage off their services, or, in other cases it might be best practice resources for our members to utilize.  Either way, the USA Elite Sports Network looks for industry leaders in their respective fields so they can support members. 

How can your organization or governing body participate?

To learn more about the current partners please, click here! Your organization is able to partner in our general platform or create a custom branded solution for your members. Our team is here to discuss the best solution for you.

To schedule a call, email Josh Racette, President and CEO, at


About the USA Elite Sports Network

The USA Elite Sports Network, the parent company to USA Member Benefits, USA Elite Sports Travel, USA Perks, and USA Sports Communities; is a national leader in supporting youth sports organizations by helping to decrease expenses, increase revenues, and streamline their operations. Headquartered in Columbus, OH, the USA Elite Sports Network is a youth sports consortium designed to offer families and sports leaders access to a variety of tools that supports the company's underlying goal of promoting youth sports participation. The USA Elite Sports Network offers access to 25+ industry leaders in verticals that directly benefit youth sports organizations. From facility development to payroll, online registration to travel, and field maintenance to indoor/outdoor branding ... the USA Elite Sports Network has the best strategic partners to support youth sports organizations. To learn more about the USA Elite Sports Network, please visit

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