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Tournament Director Hotel Solutions

To be clear, tournament directors at the youth sports level are some of the most under appreciated contributors to the youth sports industry. They work tirelessly dealing with a multitude of challenges to ultimately attempt to provide a great experience for youth sports participants, families, teams, and clubs.

One of the most challenging and time consuming tasks for a tournament director is to secure hotels for their participants. Of course, some tournaments do not require or even provide hotels to their tournament participants. That is okay!

Here is why we think you should provide hotels!

Most tournaments are either operating to break even or turn a profit. If you are not doing either of those and losing money we will right a separate article on why that is not ideal. The tournament director can easily manage the housing experience for their tournament attendees while also driving additional revenue thanks to cutting edge technology. This technology will help a tournament director:

  • Provide Additional Professionalism & Organization

  • Streamline the Tournament Attendee Experience

  • Help Generate Revenue for the Tournament

What solutions are available?

Today’s Tournament Directors want fast, accurate connectivity to the content needed to book their Tournament Housing. By exclusively connecting to the USA Elite Sports Travel Booking Platform, with relevant choices of more than 200,000 hotel properties globally, USA Elite Sports Travel’s unique solution gives sports teams and event planners added capability to more efficiently manage their events, regardless of size.

Benefits of USA Elite Sports Travel

Ultimately, USA Elite Sports Travel will take the entire management of the housing experience off the plate of the tournament director. This allows the tournament director to focus on other important items such as team acquisition, sponsorships, or scheduling.

  • Your tournament will receive a custom booking page that you control.  Once you accept hotel bids they will appear on your FREE tournament booking page.  

  • Simple and easy way to manage all of their points and rebates.

  • Let us take care of securing your hotels, negotiating your rates and amenities, as well as building your custom hotel booking page.

  • 24/7 Call Center & Service Center at your fingertips

  • Professional account management and technical solutions/customer success team

  • Globalized Content in 28 languages, worldwide staff with team members located in USA, UK, Europe, and Asia

  • Powerful mobile based booking tool for your customers


About the USA Elite Sports Network

The USA Elite Sports Network, the parent company to USA Member Benefits, USA Elite Sports Travel, USA Perks, and USA Sports Communities; is a national leader in supporting youth sports organizations by helping to decrease expenses, increase revenues, and streamline their operations. Headquartered in Columbus, OH, the USA Elite Sports Network is a youth sports consortium designed to offer families and sports leaders access to a variety of tools that supports the company's underlying goal of promoting youth sports participation. The USA Elite Sports Network offers access to 25+ industry leaders in verticals that directly benefit youth sports organizations. From facility development to payroll, online registration to travel, and field maintenance to indoor/outdoor branding ... the USA Elite Sports Network has the best strategic partners to support youth sports organizations. To learn more about the USA Elite Sports Network, please visit

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