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Youth Sports Fundraising

Youth sports leaders have so much on their plate! It is a real challenge sometimes to work through all the different items that need to be accomplished for an organization to operate. Then after all of that is complete, the topic of fundraising gets brought up. What do you do since you are already stretched thin?

Understanding Your Bandwidth

It is important in any industry to know what you can do and what you can't do from a time perspective. After all, with only 24 hours in a day you need to sleep. Most youth sports professionals are working their role in a part-time capacity as well. Therefore, your time is likely split between your "regular" day job. Therefore, you must be willing to find support to help accomplish the things that you and/or your organization need to accomplish. This might include paving a parking lot, installing baseball diamonds, or buying new soccer goals. You may not have the financial support needed to accomplish these goals. You also might not have the experience or the comfortability needed to craft sponsorship/donation related collateral. Never fear because we are firm believers that if you Google something long enough you can find a solution that is already put together and helping organizations just like yours.

Ways to Find Support

The USA Sports Funding approach is simple!  We will sit down with you and identify your goals for sponsorship acquisition.  Your team can use the USA Sports Funding team to handle all or just some of your sponsorship journey.  No matter which option you choose, USA Sports Funding will be here to help support and help you realize your goals.

Think of us as an assistant that helps set up revenue generating programs that will support your organizational goals!

Benefits of Hiring a Consultant

Remember, the goal here is to take the workload off of your plate while also helping to support your organizational goals and hopefully help drive revenue. A few ways consultants at USA Sports Funding support their clients are by:

  • Provides basic level fundraising guidance

  • 1 hour monthly consultation call

  • Unlimited email support

  • Guidance on how to setup fundraising campaigns

  • Creation of Annual Fundraising Plan

  • Sponsorship Lead Generation for your team

  • Creation of Sponsorship Marketing Materials


About the USA Elite Sports Network

The USA Elite Sports Network, the parent company to USA Member Benefits, USA Elite Sports Travel, USA Perks, and USA Sports Communities; is a national leader in supporting youth sports organizations by helping to decrease expenses, increase revenues, and streamline their operations. Headquartered in Columbus, OH, the USA Elite Sports Network is a youth sports consortium designed to offer families and sports leaders access to a variety of tools that supports the company's underlying goal of promoting youth sports participation. The USA Elite Sports Network offers access to 25+ industry leaders in verticals that directly benefit youth sports organizations. From facility development to payroll, online registration to travel, and field maintenance to indoor/outdoor branding ... the USA Elite Sports Network has the best strategic partners to support youth sports organizations. To learn more about the USA Elite Sports Network, please visit

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