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New Partner


Thank your for showing an interest in becoming a partner. 

It is important to remember that our goal as an organization is to support youth sports.  We believe you can help with that.  To become a partner it is important that you explain to us how you are able to help youth sports organizations decrease expenses, increase revenues, and/or streamline operations.  All of our partners must check one or more of those boxes.

Tell us About Your Company

Who Would Your National Contact Be?

How would you like to structure your revenue share?

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We do not request any upfront money to become a partner. We believe that if we help grow your business a revenue share relationship is the ideal approach. What type of revenue share arrangement would you recommend?

If you become a partner with us what area could you support our members?

If Approved, You Will Have a Member Page.  Help us Create it!

Company Description

Give us a Description of Your Company. Tell us what you do, who you are, and why you are a leader in your respective area of the market.

General Marketing Picture, Video, or Video URL

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Member Benefit

Tell us what Member Benefit you would like to offer to USA Elite Sports Network members. Remember ... a member benefit should be a perk of some type that a customer cannot receive normally.

Member Benefit Picture

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Give us a Testimonial that we ca display on your page. Don't forget to include the quote, the name of the person providing the quote, and the name of thier organization.

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