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We are a team of youth sports professionals with experience in every area of the business focused on using an excellence framework as a guide to support youth sports organizations. Our goal is to come alongside youth sports organizations and help them gain access to resources and guidance that will decrease expenses, increase revenues, and streamline their operations.

We act as your consultative support system.


USA Member Benefits offers your organization access to industry leaders in verticals that directly benefit youth sports organizations. From facility development to payroll, online registration to travel, and field maintenance to indoor/outdoor branding ... we have the best partners for you. Become a member and gain access to an online platform of discounts and best practices that can help decrease expenses, increase revenues, and streamline operations for your organization.

COnsultant Services

Let us use our experience to benefit your organization. By being an impartial voice in the room, we can help guide you toward success. Our expertise in various areas, such as marketing and advertising, online registrations and websites, fundraising and development, facility construction, coaching education, parent communication, uniform, and other operations logistics, can provide you with valuable suggestions to improve your operations. Trust us to help you elevate your organization to the next level.


We can support youth sports organizations by developing and executing a social media strategy that helps the organization engage with its target audience, increase brand awareness, and build a community of followers. If you like, we may create and curate content, manage social media accounts, and analyze data to track performance and make data-driven decisions. Let us support you so you can focus on delivering high-quality programming.

Our services

Performance Excellence

We can provide youth sports organizations with services aimed at improving organizational performance, leadership, and customer satisfaction. These services may include assessing the organization's strengths and areas for improvement, providing guidance on strategic planning, improving communication and collaboration, implementing process improvements, and enhancing the customer experience. The ultimate goal is to help youth sports organizations achieve operational excellence and provide the best possible experience for their athletes, coaches, and stakeholders.

Fundraising Support

We can support your organization by developing and implementing fundraising strategies to secure financial resources for the organization's programs and operations. We can identify potential donors for you to solicit donations. We can also assist in the planning and execution of fundraising events and campaigns, as well as in the development of grant proposals. We can provide guidance on effective donor communication, stewardship, and recognition, as well as on donor database management and reporting. 


Lets us design a fresh website for you or help to maintain your current website which will help you keep your current customers and attract new ones. Website design can be tricky and even if you are using a platform that is easy to use like SportsConnect, the time involved in a volunteer organization can be hard to come by. That is where we can come in and support you. We become an extension to your team at a fraction of the cost allowing your organization to focus on the day-to-day operations and what truly matters ... the families supporting your organization. 

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"We are a proud partner of USA Member Benefits, their mission and focus to provide players and families with the tools to develop across multiple industries matches perfectly with our desire to provide an industry unique solution to the college search and recruiting process, for all families."


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